W2 5x35x500 mm

ET-W2-5x35x500 mm
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135Cr3 is a low alloyed, high-carbon steel commonly used for the manufacture of rasps, files and, more broadly, all sharp tools requiring strength, reliability and hardness. Its very high carbon content (1.3%) allows it to reach high hardnesses, which are essential for this type of highly stressed tooling.
Carbon steel 135Cr3 is perfect for high hardness tools that don't need too much tenacity such as e. g. straight razors. Cutlers also appreciate it because it makes it possible to obtain very marked hardening lines (hamon).
For heat treatment, due to its very low Cr content, water or accelerated oil quenching is recommended

Dimensions: 5x35x500 mm

ET-W2-5x35x500 mm

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Carbon Steel:
W2 / 135Cr3
5.00 mm