Who we are


... or, better, who I am:

My name is Thomas, I have always been passionately fond and fascinated by knives and blades, and in time, the passion for them led me to gather information and study them, as well as collect them. Since their high price here in Italy, I bought many of them abroad, for me and for some friends of mine. That is why I decided to make a job out of a passion, and to render a service to whoever has this passion but is willing to pay a fair price.

In my catalogue you will not find, as in other online cutleries, the complete collections of all the majors brands, but you will find all those knives that, in my personal opinion, have a fair price/qualità ratio, as well as exclusive or hard-to-find pieces. You will not find a huge selection, but you will know that for what you are buying, you are paying the right price, because through my price policy, I will always try to buy the best things, at the lowest price possibile.

This way, for every product, be it a bag, a knife or a flashlight, I will sell only those I deem worthy. I know, it is a limit, and I will not meet everyone´s tastes, but I doubt that any of those who will buy from me will be unsatisfied.

The shop is expanding, because in order to keep a low profile and the lowest prices I didn´t invest a full capital. I hope that, in time, the shop will grow and will allow me to the shop will grow and will allow me to supply you with custom or handmade pieces from the most famous names in cutlery (such as Loveless, Dozier and so on) and to take advantage of further economies of scales.

If you want any article that is not my catalogue, you can order it, and I will fetch it for you. I am at your disposal for any explanation, requests for estimates, items availability, out-of-catalogue orders, weather forecasts, legitimate and illegitimate doubts, suggestions, and whatever is on your mind and you want to ask me. You will always have an answer. Contact me at [email protected]