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Tsubazo Nakiri 340118


This Japanese Nakiri kitchen knife Tsubazo is equipped with a sharpened blade of stainless Daido 1K6 steel in hammered look on both sides. Thanks to its oval shape, the grip of gasket wood with plastic clip lies perfectly in the hand of both right and left-handers. It is usually Nakiriused for the preparation of fruit and vegetables. Not dishwasher safe.

Gender: unisex
Material: stainless steel, plastic, wood
Colour: brown, silver
Knife length: 17.6 cm
Handle length: 12.2 cm
Total length of knife: 29.8 cm
Weight: 156 grams
Age: from 18 years old
Dishwasher safe: no

Stainless steel:
Daido 1K6
Knife type
Yanagiba / Sujihiki / Sashimi

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