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  • Care Plus Rimuovi Zecche
Care Plus Rimuovi Zecche

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Care Plus Rimuovi Zecche

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Make sure to remove the tick within eight hours to minimize the possibility of infection. Remove the entire tick and disinfect the site of the bite with alcohol. The tick can be easily and safely removed using the Care Plus® Tick Remover. Do not anesthetize the tick with alcohol or other antiseptics. Do not heat the tick with a cigarette or other hot objects. If the tick is stunned or heated (with a cigarette), it goes into shock and responds by releasing pathogens into the body through its saliva. Make sure to write down the date of the tick bite, the site of the bite on your body, and the area where you contracted the tick bite.

Instructions for use

1. Hold the tick remover between your thumb and middle finger and press the back of the tool with your index finger: the gripping head will now open.
2. Place the gripping head carefully around the tick — as close as possible to the skin — and then close the gripping head.
3.  Rotate the clamped tick slightly to the left and slightly to the right until it is partially released. With a few gentle tugs, pull the tick out in a motion perpendicular to the skin. Disinfect the bite area and note down the date of the bite in your diary.
4. Use the Care Plus® Tick-Test to test the tick for the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium.


Warning! Never anaesthetize the tick with alcohol or any other anaesthetizing substances. Also never heat the tick, not even with a cigarette. 

  • Specially developed tweezers (for nymphs as well).
  • Minimum risk of damaging the tick.
  • Includes two alcohol wipes for disinfecting the bite area once the tick has been removed.

Care Plus

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