Naniwa Combination Stone 400/2000 CS-404/420

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Combination stone intended basic re-sharpening. We recommend this stone for sharpening of common kitchen knives. Made in Japan

- JIS grit: 400 and 2000
- Universal combination basic re-sharpening
- Japanese water stone
- Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 20 mm
- Abrasive: White aluminum oxide
- Manufactured in NANIWA factory in Osaka
- Made in Japan

About Super Stone series:
Super Stone is a series of sharpening stones especially suited for final polishing. Stones offer high polishing effect and stay flat for long time, while offering comparable experience as with sharpening on soft natural stones. These stones are ideal even for sharpening of hard carbon steel. Soak the stone for at least 10 minutes prior to use. Do not store submerged. Aluminum oxide (corundum) is used as abrasive. Naniwa changed the name and packaging of the stones (formerly Super Stone series only for Japan, after that Sharpening series for Europe and now Super Stone worldwide), but stones themselves remained unchanged. Sharpening stone has 2cm thickness.


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Japanese Water Stones