• BenchMark Ceramic Santoku
BenchMark Ceramic Santoku
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BenchMark Ceramic Santoku


Santoku : o le tre virtù. Coltello ibrido nato dalla fusione tra occidente e oriente. Utilizzato sia per carne, pesce e verdure. In genere più robusto e con angoli maggiori rispetto al nakiri. Misure tipiche dai 15 cm ai 19 cm.


Ceramic Santoku. - 9 3/4" overall. 5 1/4" high-grade Zirconium Oxide white ceramic blade. Contoured black rubber handle. Ceramic blade helps prevent browning of fresh fruits and vegetables. Does not transfer taste or odor. Easy to clean. Super hard, strong and sharp blade. Each knife comes packaged in deluxe cardboard gift/storage box with vacuum formed insert. (NOTE: These knives are not recommended for prying, scraping, or boning due to hardness of blade).

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