Katsuko Tanaka Aogami 1 Gyuto 210


The cutler Katsuko Tanaka lives and works in the Nagasaki prefecture, at some distance from the traditional centres of Japanese cutlers. Thus, in one way or another, remote from westernization trends in design and choice of materials which influence many other Japanese cutlers, he decided to pursue a traditional line all of his own. The Japanese term “nashiji” (English: pear skin pattern) refers to the result of a technique that appears to leave the surface finish of a blade looking unfinished and rustic. The carbon steel core of these three-layered blades consists of Aogami no. 1, also called blue paper steel, which is tough and resilient and can be hardened to HRC 64. This steel core is not rustproof and will darken to some extent after longer use to form an attractive contrast to the rustproof steel layers on either side. The octagonal knife handle is made from walnut and has an ebony ferrule. The given dimensions serve as general orientation only and can differ from knife to knife, because the knives are all hand-forged.

  • Dettaglio lama: Filo piano
  • Lunghezza lama: 21.00 cm/8.27 in
  • Spessore lama al tallone: 2.50mm/0.0984in
  • Larghezza lama: 5.30cm/2.08in
  • Materiale lama: san mai con tagliente in Shirogami N°1, nashiji
  • Sistema di porto:
  • Materiale manico: Noce
  • Tipo di costruzione: Hidden Tang
  • Lunghezza totale: 36.50 cm/14.37 in
  • Made in: Giappone
  • Peso:


Data sheet

Carbon Steel:
Blue Steel #1 / Aogami No.1 / Aoko No.1
Knife type