DD Hammocks Climbing Karabiners x 2 (DMM) 24kN

DD Hammocks
DD Climbing Karabiners
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These light and super-strong karabiners, made by UK climbing specialists DMM, are perfect for your DD hammock suspension system. In fact, they can be safely and securely put to a whole host of camping uses.
Don't fancy untying knots?
Use with our DD Tree Huggers and you'll be able to unclip your hammock from trees very quickly.
The design of these karabiners means they also act as a drip-stop, preventing water running down towards your hammock from your suspension cord. Secure quick-release latches mean you can expect to set up your gear with them in no time.
You won't find these superb quality karabiners cheaper anywhere else! Price includes shipping (UK, EU and USA).
  • Karabiners made by DMM: 24kN strength with gate closed; 10kN strength with gate open.

Recommended accessories:
DD Tree Huggers
DD Whoopie Slings
Size 9.5cm x 6cm
Colour Dark grey
Weight Only 35g each!
Includes 2 x Karabiners
DD Climbing Karabiners