Brisa Birk 75 S30V Flat Carbon fiber

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With continuous interaction and feedback from the knife community, the Birk was designed from the start as a premium class everyday carry folding knife. The understated guise of the Birk 75 folder knife is one of its traits. Subtle and classy, the Birk does not aim for trendy features or shock value, but a clean appearance, and focusing on function.

Reliability is one of the core aspects of any EDC, and the Birk is one of the best knives out there. The open frame design all but eliminates buildup of grime and lint, reducing the need for cleaning maintenance. Pre- soaked bronze washers will guarantee a smooth action, even in adverse conditions. Steel options are D2 and S30V, both high end steels with relatively high figures in edge retention and corrosion resistance, again to reduce the need for maintenance. The Birk is designed to be functional in any condition.

The Birk sits safely with a deep carry pocket clip design, recessed screws help keep the pocket lining and seams safe. A lanyard hole gives you options to personalize and decorate, or to lengthen the handle with a fob.

This linerlock folding knife is the perfect companion for you who want something special, but not flashy. A reliable tool for whatever work lies ahead, well built with quality materials in a well thought through design. Elegant and clean, the Birk 75 is meant for everyone appreciating distinct quality, a knife for You.

Blade length:  75 mm
Blade width: 22 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Total:  105/176 mm
Steel:  CPM S30V
Grind: Flat
Scales: Carbon Fiber Laminate
Weight 99g

Data sheet

Stainless steel:
Lock Style:
Liner Lock