• Vargo Triad XE Stove
Vargo Triad XE Stove
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Vargo Triad XE Stove


Triad XE Stove - Alcohol/Fuel Tab. Solid titanium construction. Dual-fuel capability for all-season, all-terrain use - burns either denatured alcohol or fuel tabs. Removable inner canister to easily switch from alcohol or fuel tab burning mode. Retractable top and bottom legs for excellent pot and stove support. Compact design. Weight: 1.5 ounces. Outer Canister (folded): 3.2". Outer Canister (legs extended): 3.9". Inner Canister: 2.4". Total Height: 1.2". Fuel capacity: 1.25 ounces. Burn time: 15 minutes (alcohol), various burn times for fuel tab(s).

Blade not in steel:

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