• UtilityFlame 6.0 oz (177ml) with stove
  • UtilityFlame 6.0 oz (177ml) with stove
  • UtilityFlame 6.0 oz (177ml) with stove
UtilityFlame 6.0 oz (177ml) with stove
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UtilityFlame 6.0 oz (177ml) with stove


Gel riusabile per fuochi più fornelletto da campo.

UtilityFlame fire gel is light, inexpensive, safe to transport by aircraft and extremely versatile. Its uses include:

Boil water for food, beverage and hygiene. Provide emergency sterilization. Make hot MRE and other field rations. Reconstitute freeze dried foods. Heat a beverage. Dry wet clothing. Start a camp fire with damp/wet wood. Warm a tent or other enclosed space. Use as a heat source in any environment.

UtilityFlame fire gel is an important tool for numerous applications including:

Military. Emergency Management Agencies. Disaster Responders (Red Cross/Red Crescent). NGOs, Human Aid & Relief Organizations. Outdoor/Recreational (Camping, Safari). Home Use (Fireplace, BBQ, Emergencies).

How long will UtilityFlame fire gel burn?

The contents of a 1.25oz (37 ml) packet will burn for approximately 20 minutes, long enough to boil water, heat a field ration, and make a hot beverage.

Is it toxic? What is the impact on the environment?

UtilityFlame fire gel is non-toxic, before, during and after the burn. The residue is silica, and the only released gases are H2O vapor and CO2. It is an environment friendly heat source and is easy to clean up.

Does it smoke or emit any odor?

No. UtilityFlame fire gel burns with a smokeless blue flame and produces no odor or toxins.

Will UtilityFlame fire gel flare when ignited?

No, UtilityFlame does not flare when ignited. You can safely add gel to the fire as needed.

Can Utility Flame fire gel be used in extreme climates or high altitudes?

Yes, it will burn at 737°C at >7.000m and at temperatures as low as -30°C.

Can it be transported on an airplane, ship or be sent through the mail?

Yes. With its high ignition point and low vapor pressure, it has a fire hazard rating of 1 and is readily shipped with safety. There are no transport restrictions.

Can it be opened and then reused at a later date?

Yes, especially the 6.0 oz. (177ml) packet with screw cap. The gel will not deteriorate when exposed to air.

What are my packaging options?

Standard 1.25oz. (37ml) and 6.0 oz. (177ml) plus custom packaging per your specifications, including IBC totes for bulk use. Co-brand with your information/logo in your language.

How strong is the packaging?

Our packages are designed and built to military specifications, with innovative, heavy foil laminated packets (1.25 oz./37ml) and poly-nylon squeeze packets (6.0 oz/177ml).

Why use foil laminated packets and poly-nylon squeeze packets?

Foil laminated packets are flexible, will fit anywhere, and are proportioned for exact use. These containers are very durable and flexible. Poly-nylon squeeze packets are best when multiple use is anticipated.


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