List of products by brand Beavercraft

Before establishing BeaverCraftwe had a long story of wood craft tools and accessory distribution. We have been
distributing all the major brands to our customers in Ukraine and many talented carvers have come to us to buy tools.
Some of them were professionals, but many were beginners that were just getting started in the art of woodcarving. We
were happy to help them in finding the best solutions for their skills and budgets, but after a couple of years we came to
the conclusion that we are able to give more suitable solutions to carvers by making our own knives and tools. So we put
together all our experience, highly-qualified production facilities and the passion for creating something new and great.
That is how in 2014 BeaverCraft was born.
We have succeeded in creating premium quality tools but at affordable and fair prices. Constantly controlling the
quality at each stage of production to let more carvers use BeaverCraft tools every day.
Gaining more and more trust from our old and new customers, BeaverCraft continues to develop and provide
solutions for many different styles of carving such as whittling, geometric, spoon and kuksa. Many more new and
exciting products are planned for the future as we strive to achieve our passion for providing the highest quality carving
solutions to both professionals and novices alike.