List of products by brand Civivi

From a history of providing a steady stream of successful products, WE Knife Co. Ltd. (WE) has earned the reputation for always delivering innovative designs manufactured with consistently high quality. As a result, WE has established itself as the largest Chinese manufacturer of quality cutlery.
Reacting to the needs of the market, in 2018 WE introduced the CIVIVI brand to specifically focus on offering a functional, utilitarian, EDC product line at more affordable prices. 
By merging WE’s core values of innovative design & quality manufacturing with materials such as G10, peel ply carbon fiber and D2, stainless & Damascus steels, CIVIVI products will provide their users with value & performance without compromise.
CIVIVI knives look good, feel good, work well and get the job done- all without breaking the bank. Like their WE Knife brethren, they too, are “MADE BETTER”.

Civivi Governor C911C Black

Price €59.02

In stock


Civivi Incite C908D Ebony

Price €85.25

In stock


Civivi Durus C906A Gray

Price €69.67

In stock


Civivi Brigand C909A Green

Price €63.93

In stock